Listed below are links to various resources that other adoptive families in the past have found to be helpful.


  1. General Resources
  2. Florida’s Adoption Information Guide
  3. Adoption Guide
  4. Child Welfare Terminology
  5. Children Seeking Forever Families in Palm Beach County
  6. How to Become an Adoption Advocate

International Adoption:

  1. Country Specific Information
  2. Understanding The Law Behind
  3. 12 Questions to Ask Prospective Adoption Agencies
  4. Would International Adoptees Adopt Internationally? 

Interracial Adoption:

  1. The Adopted Life Episodes 
  2. The Role of Race & the Law
  3. Promoting Healthy Identity Formation

Special Needs Adoptions:

  1. Parenting Developmentally Disabled Children
  2. Welcoming a Newborn Baby with Down Syndrome: A New Parents Guide to the First Month

Open Adoption:

  1. Understanding Open Adoption: Documentary 
  2. When Problems Occur with Birth Parents
  3. Research on Adoptive & Birth Parent Satisfaction 


  1. Common Questions Everyone Asks
  2. Checking Your Motives and Expectations
  3. Self Assessment
  4. What are Your Options?
  5. Funding Adoption
  6. Parenting Skills Webinar

Financing Adoption: 

  1. Post-Pregnancy Birth Mom Expenses
  2. A Child Waits
  3. Both Hands
  4. CMomA
  5. Dream 4 Adoption
  6. Ephesians 3:20
  7. Every Child Has a Dream
  8. Families Outreach
  9. Gift of Adoption
  10. God’s Grace Adoption Ministry
  11. Heart of the Bride
  12. Help Us Adopt
  13. JSC Foundation
  14. Katelyn’s Fund
  15. Lifesong for Orphans
  16. Lydia Fund
  17. The Never Alone Foundation
  18. Reece’s Rainbow
  19. United Healthcare Children’s Foundation
  20. Show Hope
  21. Special Needs Adoption Subsidy
  22. Abba Fund
  23. America’s Christian Credit Union
  24. Affording Adoption
  25. Adoption Tax Credit
  26. Pure Charity
  27. The Sheperd’s Crook


  1. General Overview of Post-Adoption Services
  2. Parenting After Adoption
  3. Parenting After Adoption from Foster Care
  4. Managing Your Own Emotions: Key to Effective Parenting
  5. Helping Children Cope with Loss and Grief
  6. Tax Credits
  7. Parent Groups
  8. Understanding the Science Behind Your Child’s Development
  9. Types of Post Placement Support
  10. How to Address a Child’s Pre-Adoption Life Story
  11. Subject Specific Parenting Tip-Sheets
  12. Adoption Camps

Child Welfare Adoptions:

  1. Florida Foster Care Movement
  2. Find Your Piece in the Foster Care Puzzle Webinar
  3. The Government Organization
  4. Court Process
  5. Why Distant Kin Often Get Priority 
  6. Reunification
  7. Infant Adoptions from Child Welfare
  8. School: Addressing the Child’s Needs
  9. Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (MOSAC)
  10. Sexual Abuse Manuel
  11. Common Myths About Child Sexual Abuse
  12. The National Center on the Sexual Behavior
    of Youth
  13. Understanding and Treating Traumatic Bonds
  14. Trauma Systems Therapy Training


  1. Selecting a Therapist Skilled in Adoption
  2. For the Child
  3. For the Parent


  1. Loving Out of Our Poverty
  2. A Letter to Parents of Children from Hard Places
  3. Growing Deep Video
  4. Podcasts
  5. Love, Don’t Fix
  6. 52 Weekly Devotions for Your Family
  7. Celebrate Mom & Dad